Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation Upgrade in your Home

It is most likely that you may want to upgrade your attic insulation this year. Spray foam insulation is one of the best and most efficient options. There are different types of spray foams, each with their own advantages. Whichever one you choose, this type of insulation offers the highest level of efficiency.

The Material

Typically, spray foam insulation is made from two types of materials – isocyanate and polyurethane. In fact, the two compounds are separate before they are sprayed on. Once they combine, they expand across the entire area, covering all the crevices, gaps, and around pipes and ducts, before becoming hard. It is not possible to achieve the same results with batts or even with fiberglass or cellulose.

There are two types of spray foam insulation. The open cell type is spongy and denser than the closed-cell type. It is not as costly as the closed-cell insulation and has better padding against sound.

There are many advantages of installing spray foam insulation in your attic, crawlspace and other areas. Some of the most notable ones include:

– Spay foam insulation is much more efficient

– It helps in improving indoor air quality

– It helps in stopping condensation and drafts

– It helps by absorbing sound

– It can fill into any shape, unlike other insulation materials

– It can seal all types of voids and cracks

More Energy Savings

Spray foam can help you save big in the long term. It can help in improving your energy savings by as much as 50%. Relatively, other insulation materials help in offering savings of not more than 30%.

Longer Lasting

Spray foam insulation is made up of inert polymer and can last longer than other types of materials. Once installed, you can enjoy its protection and comfort for years. Besides, it doesn’t require the level of maintenance required for other insulation materials. It can last for over two decades, with just a few touch ups here and there once in a while.

Faster & Convenient Installation

Another advantage of this type of insulation is that it is easier and faster to install. You have to move just once through an area to seal and fully insulate it. It is not required to apply multiple layers. This is because it will not settle.

Better Air Quality – Spray foam insulation also improves air quality. It helps by reducing fibers and airborne particulate matter. So you will not have to worry as much about allergies.

Fire Resistant & Protection against Insects

Unlike your old insulation, spray foam is fire resistant. Whether it is a short circuit in a wire or an accidental fire, you will not have to worry that your insulation is going to work as a fuel.

Besides, it is also resistant against insects. You will not have to worry about pests making the insulation material their home.

Spray foam insulation offers many advantages over traditional types of insulation materials. It is also inert and doesn’t emit any harmful fumes. As already indicated, it has sound filtration properties. If you are thinking of upgrading or installing new insulation, there is hardly any other better option.