About Anthony Insulation

We have been insulating homes for almost three decades. We began our business operations insulating existing and newly constructed homes with the leading builders and insulation contractors. But gradually we became a specialised company in upgrading settled insulation in existing homes, thus helping minimise the energy bills of our clients.

Typical home loses up to 45% of its heat through the attic. Installing the recommend levels of insulation in your attic can significantly reduce the amount of energy it takes to warm and cool your home. Lower monthly energy bills make your home attractive to buyers.When it comes to a home's energy consumption, there is a universal truth that most homeowners either don't know about or ignore entirely - almost 45% of your home's heating is lost through your attic. The only way to curtail this energy loss is to insulate your attic. We provide specialised attic insulation to reduce your heating and cooling costs. By lowering your energy bills you will not only save money, you could also make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

When you choose Anthony Insulation, we offer you a series of benefits:

  • Free evaluation and inspection of the existing insulation
  • Free estimate for all types of insulation upgrades
  • Upgrading to the most efficient insulation materials
  • Duct sealing and insulation
  • Professional installation of insulation by experienced technicians
  • Comprehensive home energy evaluation to identify all energy-saving opportunities

We provide all types of insulation upgrades, providing you access to the latest and the most efficient systems available. Our range of insulation services include:

Attic Insulation - For improving energy efficiency and comfort

Basement Insulation - For improving air quality, energy efficiency and comfort

Crawl Space Insulation - Sealing and insulating the crawl space for improving indoor air quality and comfort

Wall Insulation - For preventing energy wastage and cold winter drafts

Air Sealing - Sealing leaks to prevent cold drafts and to improve insulation

Garage Insulation - To make your living space more comfortable

We are your home insulation upgrade specialist having been in the business for more than 25 years. Our professionals have decades of experience and can help make the right choices to provide you with cost-efficient insulation while saving you tons in the long term. Whether you have a newly constructed house or an existing house that needs insulation upgrade, we can meet the latest building codes and ensure optimal comfort and energy savings.

Feel free to contact us today for a free assessment and estimate for your insulation needs.