All that you need to about spray foam insulation

Single solution for all the problems is never the reality as you often get several options for a problem and picking the best one is a herculean task. The same is the situation when it comes to picking the right material for your home insulation. With the energy bills increasing at an alarming rate, several types of materials are being used for effective insulation of the homes.

One such material that has become popular in the home insulation segment is the spray foam insulation. It is also known as the SPF insulation which stands for Spray polyurethane foam. The succeeding paragraphs will shed light on the details of this wonder material that is used extensively for insulation purpose due to its several benefits.

What is SPF?

It is a heat activated polyurethane that is made using the mixing of ingredient on the site and directly sprayed onto the required areas. Special equipment is used for spraying the SPF with the use of the heated hose. When the ingredient inside the hose gets heated they become a foamy substance due to the inherent chemical reactions. When the foamy substance is sprayed onto the targeted surface, they slowly start expanding and finally harden.

Types of SPF

There are basically two types of SPF insulation namely

Open cell: it comes with a lower R value and so has lesser insulation capability. However, it is much cheaper option and is also lighter of the two.

Closed Cell: with a denser solution this is supposed to provide a strong support to the structure by creating water vapour barrier. Being less permeable, this type is priced at a higher range for its numerous benefits.

Reasons for its usage

With so many benefits, spray foam insulation is now the latest trending method in the home insulation.

Tackles air leakages: Air leakages can be better tackled with the spray foam. The simple reason is due to its ability to reach even the difficult spots. As the foam can be sprayed at the exact spots including cavities, cracks, and small holes and so on, it is able to cover all the air leaks without much difficulty. The spray is flexible enough to be applied in any direction horizontal, vertical or diagonally too.

Easier installation: If the ingredients are properly mixed and sprayed on to the surface then you can expect to get a durable insulation solution. If proper care is taken during the installation process, one can avoid the chipping up of the insulation. But, foam insulation is considered to be a lifetime investment and offers good energy efficiency.

Expensive yet efficient: Every insulation material comes with R value which means resistance to air flow which form the base for detecting the quality of the material. Higher is termed to be better.Spray foam insulation comes with higher R value so it is good for reducing the energy consumption. However, you may find this to be much more expensive as compared to other forms of materials. Being aone-time investment, you can reap the benefits of low energy bills for a lifetime with spray foam insulation.

Keeps rodents at bay: Another benefit of this spray foam is its ability keep off the rodents. Insulation in attic cat and other such areas needs to be capable of tackling the pests too. If they are not controlled then there are chances of the infestation of such pests which may not only reduce the energy efficiency but also damage your insulation too.

If installed properly, under the guidance of the professional, spray foam insulation is regarded as the best type of home insulation in terms of energy saving and durability.