How to know if your Home Insulation Needs Upgrading?

If it has been years since you replaced or upgraded your insulation, it is time you re-insulated your home. If you are going to continue with the worn out and compacted insulation, you will have increasing energy bills, and a less comfortable home. It will affect your home and your pocket in many ways.

Higher Bills

Your heating and cooling requirements are going to form a major part of your energy bills. If you notice that there is continual increase in it, it is a sign of hot or cold draft in your house. When you upgrade your insulation, it is going to bring down the energy bills and help keep control over it.

Another sign of degrading insulation is the inconsistency in your room temperatures. You may notice that a particular room is either excessively cold or hot (depending on the climate). When you move into that room, it gives a different environment as compared to the others. If this is happening in your house, it is a sign that your insulation needs reworking.

Moisture Damage

Over time your insulation keeps getting damaged due to moisture accumulation. This can happen to even the best insulative materials if they are not properly dried out. Many times the damage may be caused because of the insulation material coming in direct contact with water.

Old Insulation Materials

The insulation materials used in old homes (more than 10 years old) will need to be replaced. The materials become compact and solid hard after years. They need to be replaced with new materials that can last longer and provide far better insulation.

There are many other ways to tell when your home’s insulation needs replacing or upgrading. If you notice that ice dams are forming on top of your house, it is again a good sign to call in the professionals. Many times there will be large icicles hanging down over the overhang. Even when the interiors heat up fast during the summer, it is a good sign that either the insulation is not working or your cooling system is failing.


Many home insulation experts can provide energy auditing for your home. they can tell if your insulation is still working properly or needs upgrade or replacement. Such an audit can help you learn about the existing quality of the air seal and insulation and where the problems may have arisen. There are many other benefits of an energy audit, as it can also help you get rebates from your energy company.

Manual Inspection

If you are concerned about the insulation in your attic, you could also conduct manual inspection. For example, you could check the insulation for any gaps. Many times the older insulation will have low spots caused due to the material becoming compact in the area. One way to tell is to notice variations in colors. If the material is yellow or pink, it is fine, but if it is grey, brown or black, it is sign that there is air movement through it.

You should also check your crawlspace for similar signs of aging or damage. Keep these points in mind that you will know when your insulation needs replacement or upgrading. Some home insulation experts can also provide you free evaluation and quote. If you are suspicious about your home’s insulation, you could call such professionals.