How to Prepare your Home’s Insulation for the Winters?

As you bid adieu to the summers and with the winters just a few months away, it is that time of the year when you did everything to ensure a comfortable and warm winter. It is most important to get the insulation inspected and ensure that cold air cannot find a way indoors. Here are the most important insulation tips for a pre-winter check.

Inspect the Seals

Check everywhere to find if there are any leaks. A simpler way will be to use an incense candle to find the leaks. If you notice any movement in the smoke, it is a sign of a leak. The sections between the windows are good places to check. Inspect the gaps between the window-frame and the frame-wall. You can yourself seal any such gaps using caulk or weather stripping.

Remove the window trim and fill it with expanding foam. Clean the area when the foam dries and fix the trim back. This is an effective strategy to prevent leaks from windows.

Inspect the Roof

The attic must be properly insulated to help you get through a comfortable winter. There is no compromise on this. Those icicles that look beautiful on the roof are good only for the eye. They are a sign that your attic may not be effectively protecting your home.

The attic should not only be properly insulated, it must also be ventilated. This will not only help keep the indoor temperature under control, it is also going to prevent the heat loss from melting the snow. So there will be no melting snow that trickles down to freeze again at the cold roof edge.

Check the Doors

Your exterior doors are extremely important when it comes to insulting your home for the approaching winters. They are easy places for drafts to enter through. Install self-sticking foam around the frame for a strong seal. You could also install door sweep at the bottom.

Walls & Floors

Properly insulating the walls and floors is as important as taking care of the attic and roof. Your walls and floors may be in need of more insulation, or you may have to entirely replace the existing home insulation. It is recommended to choose a professional service to have your insulation replaced.

When it comes to the floors, you could further increase the insulation by cutting rigid pieces of insulation, which can then be installed between the joists. Caulk all the points where the joists and insulation come in contact.

If you have ceiling under the floor, you could fill the gap using blown insulation. This is against something that can be done professionally. You may also use blown insulation for filling all the cracks and gaps.

You can choose from various types of insulation materials, but it is most important to consider the R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the material’s insulative property will be.

Consider Professional Insulation

When you are going to prepare your home for the winter, keep these points in mind. Because modern insulation materials and techniques can be quite complex and require specialized tools, it is recommended to get your home walls, floors and attic inspected by professionals. Many reputable services offer free inspection and quotes. So you will not be wasting your time or efforts, and will also add an element of safety.

Besides, a professional work this season could also mean that you will not have to have your insulation checked for the next few years. This could also help you save tons of cash on the long term. The pros can also detect any structural issues in your building that will need to be addressed immediately.